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Started off as a single renovation project, by our founder Tina as a passion project to create a unique place to stay for the discerning traveller.

Our first holiday let rental The Curator's Apartment was renovated during the first lockdown period in early 2020. Almost two years on, we now represent a new collection of luxury holiday lets in the beautiful historic city of Bath that has a more quiet, understated touch.


To us, luxury means bringing comfort, as well as an authentic experience to our guests. We aim to enhance the average holiday let rental experience with the power of storytelling. 

​Each of our holiday lets has been lovingly renovated from a run-down state, always with
a theme in mind from the start, inspired either
by historic features left in the building itself
or the local area.


The theme guides us in the interior design process, where we aim to reinterpret its features in a contemporary way. True to our quiet brand value, the theme often comes alive through very subtle details.


​Combining two opposites, we strive to achieve
a harmonious marriage of old and new, often mixing period colours with modern shades,
or putting vintage furniture with more modern pieces to create more interest while maintaining the feel of a sophisticated space.

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